Northern Florida Recruiting and Consulting Services, Inc. is a professional organization that specializes in recruiting, consulting and lobbying. NFRCS has been in the business since March 1993, has established an outstanding reputation and has been recognized as one of honesty and integrity to its clients. Our professional consultants are persons with long experience in the field of recruiting, consulting, lobbying, community outreach, business development, and governmental relations.

Why Choose Northern Florida Recruiting and Consulting? Highlights include:


  • Objectivity and impartiality

  • Highly qualified team

  • Specialization to meet our client’s needs

  • Relationships with local, state and national organizations in the field



Recruiting, consulting, lobbying and event planning are important keys to our successful track record. Our clients have stated that one of the most important considerations of our firm is our extensive network and relationships we’ve established within various professions.