NFRCS was founded in 1993 with expertise in a variety of areas including marketing, human resources, industrial psychology, general management, and programmatic management.


Principal partners and owners, Willard Payne and Pamela Payne, have immeasurable business and professional experiences that total more than 60 years. They stay accessible, available and involved, which gives them an unsurpassed ability to fulfill their clients’ and partners’ needs effectively and efficiently.


NFRCS represent small, privately held companies, varied governmental entities and individuals.

They accept only those assignments, which they have the expertise and resources to complete successfully. Their track record speaks for itself.


Additionally, NFRCS represents clients with public policy issues before representatives of the United States Congress, various State Legislative bodies, the Jacksonville City Council, the Duval County School Board, regulatory agencies, and civic and cultural groups.


Northern Florida Recruiting and Consulting Services, Inc. gives its clients and partners professionalism with completely confidential, reliable, and trustworthy expertise.  We consider it a business advantage.



We, at Northern Florida Recruiting and Consulting Services, Inc., have a passion for our business that translates into a passion for your business.  As our client, you will find that we are more than just a company to do business with – we are a company clients don’t want to do business without.


We specialize in helping businesses and governmental agencies recognize the importance of diversity in the workplace.  Not only does it make good “business sense”, it sends a message to potential clients whom they market and to potential customers who purchase goods and services.


We seek to develop viable communities by promoting integrated approaches.  The primary means towards this end is the development of partnerships among all levels of government.


Working through the governmental maze is, at times, intimidating. However, successfully traversing it is rewarding. We work with clients to define their needs and identify the appropriate agency necessary to help them resolve a problem or implement a solution.


Northern Florida Recruiting And Consulting Services Inc. provides management development strategies for individuals, organizations, major corporations, government agencies and public institutions. We know how to develop the right message, how to deliver it, and in the most effective manner. We design management recommendations to help our client’s bottom line.


Northern Florida has extensive experience and contact at the highest levels of government and corporate America. We serve clients in Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, Connecticut, Maryland and Washinton D.C.


Our principal elements in lobbying and governmental relations includes monitoring and reporting on developments; working with coalitions interested in the same issues; and then educating not only government officials but also corporate officers as to the implications of various changes.


Professionals with Northern Florida Recruiting and Consulting Services, Inc. have served in positions throughout local, state, and federal government. With a combined 75 years of public affairs experience, we work with clients to implement advocacy efforts to reach local, state and federal governmental leadership.


We help clients define their needs and requests, select the appropriate departments and agencies to approach, and assist in implementing the overall goal.


We offer employers and industries of every size a wide variety of efficient process-based recruiting services. Northern Florida Recruiting and Consulting Services, Inc. is designed to provide organizations with additional recruiting capacity for hiring projects and/or provide long-term service integration.


Our business relationships and industry resources enable us to provide our clients with the precise service and person or persons to meet their needs. We pride ourselves on our dedication to commitment and our ability to deliver.


Whether you are planning a small intimate affair for a few close friends , a conference, summit, forum, workshop, or a program for an organization, NFRCS, Inc. can make certain your event is planned to your liking.


Our goal is to help you in presenting your event objectives in the most creative, and innovative way possible.


Most importantly, you’ll enjoy your event as much as your guests do!