WEBSTER DEFINES quality as “…excellence” and that definition is usually accepted patently.  However, quality to Northern Florida Recruiting and Consulting Services, Inc. (NFRCS) is more than the defined degree of “excellence” in Webster’s and other venues of literary definitions.  Our  “quality definition” means respect and integrity of purpose that our current clients and partners have grown to expect. It also means privileged, intelligent, and responsible advocacy and representation that has staked NFRCS to a trusted reputation. 


NFRCS was founded in 1993 with expertise in a variety of areas including marketing, human resources, industrial psychology, general management, and programmatic management.

Principal partners and owners, Willard Payne and Pamela Payne, have immeasurable business and professional experiences that total more than 60 years. They stay accessible, available and involved, which gives them an unsurpassed ability to fulfill their clients’ and partners’ needs effectively and efficiently.


NFRCS represent small, privately held companies, varied governmental entities and individuals.  They accept only those assignments, which they have the expertise and resources to complete successfully. Their track record speaks for itself.


Additionally, NFRCS represents clients with public policy issues before representatives of the United States Congress, various State Legislative bodies, the Jacksonville City Council, the Duval County School Board, regulatory agencies, and civic and cultural groups.


Northern Florida Recruiting and Consulting Services, Inc. gives its clients and partners professionalism with completely confidential, reliable, and trustworthy expertise.  We consider it a business advantage.




Willard Payne’s over 50-year career as an educator, businessman, and consultant has included general and administrative management, consulting and entrepreneurial experience with several national companies, a Fortune 500 international food conglomerate, a national parking enterprise, and varied work with a host of other businesses.


Willard currently serves as the President/Treasurer of Northern Florida Recruiting and Consulting Services, Inc. (NFRCS) where he directs professional recruiting, consulting and lobbying client services for many local and national businesses.


An educator by training, Willard spent 14 years with the Chicago Public School System (CPSS) as a teacher and a district level administrator. At CPSS, he was accorded significant distinctions as the system’s Human Relations Director. After being awarded several franchise operations through the McDonald’s Company in Jacksonville, Florida, Willard left Chicago in 1974. His relocation to Jacksonville signaled a further distinction as he became the first African American franchise operator of any kind in the city. His business impact in Jacksonville was immediate as he built 4 stores; hired more than 500 employees; and was responsible for creating more than 800 jobs.


Equally impressive was Willard’s commitment to the Jacksonville community. With a sincere philosophy of “giving back to the community,” Willard established several generous community giving and response programs for high schools and high school students and he has become synonymous with a number of educational and charitable events. Needless to say, he is the recipient of numerous wards and recognitions.


Of the many positions he holds or has held in the community, Willard’s appointment by the mayor of Jacksonville as the first African American to serve on the Jacksonville Port Authority is particularly noteworthy. This multi-million dollar enterprise operation, responsible for the operation of Jacksonville’s extensive Port and the operation of The Jacksonville International Airport. This is one of the more competitive ports in the country. With his tenure on the authority, many persons attribute a number of innovative changes in its operation to his leadership. With the impressive success of NFRCS, and a clientele that literally reads like Who’s Who in American Business, his professional gait of achievement continues at a non-stop pace.


Willard is a graduate of Xavier University in New Orleans with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and holds a Masters of Science Degree from Loyola in Chicago and in Education Administration and Supervision. He is married to the former Pamela T. Glover, who is also principal partner in NFRCS. He has two daughters, one stepson and six grandchildren.



Those in the Public School Education arena throughout the country have come to know Pam Payne through her professionalism, drive, and wealth of experience. She has earned that reputation through her hard work, impressive skills and her attention to detail. Many who work with her and around her have called her “visionary.”


For more than 12 years, Pam directed the Employment Services Division of the Duval County Public Schools System’s Human Resources Department and its budget of more than 2 million dollars. With the imperative to recruit and hire “quality” in the classroom and in the administration of Duval County’s Schools, Pam’s action plans to accomplish those goals have been imminently successful. Her field of expertise are impressive and include but are not limited to, knowledge of human relations and organizational theory, conflict resolution and negotiation skills, discrimination law, labor law, affirmative action, and of course, that ability to make you want to teach our future leaders of tomorrow in Duval County. After 36 years in the educational field, Pam retired in 2008 as the Director of Special District Projects. Her experience is recruiting, event planning and customized business training.


A skilled consensus builder, she has been able to establish lasting partnerships with various public and private institutions, and with colleges and universities in Florida and other states. One colleague, admiring her energy, resolve, and resourcefulness wondered aloud one day ”…where does she get it from?" Her “secrets” are in her work ethic and her expertise. In a “goal driven atmosphere” where one’s ability to get a job done well is paramount, and with what one can only call intense competition, Pam’s professionalism becomes her clarion for quality.


She is a native of Louisiana, receiving her Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education (English) and a double Master’s Degree in Guidance Counseling and Administration and Supervision from Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She completed additional studies at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida.


As the Vice President/Secretary of Northern Florida Recruiting and Consulting Services Inc., which she partners with her husband Willard Payne, Pam brings a wealth of goal related experiences and client related objectives.


She is the parent of one son, two stepdaughters, and six grandchildren.